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Confined Strain


Video, 19 minutes, 45 sec


Confined Strain is an exploration of the way I move my body when I am in pain. I contort, straining against the tension in my limbs, writhing in an attempt to stretch at every fibre in my body.


As the series of movements progress I become fatigued, my skin burnt by the surface I am moving on, yet I continue, pushing at the boundary of my endurance. In each push, stretch, or tense there is a release of pain, with the promise of more to come.

Exhibition Information


In Motion Festival & Exhibition. Curators Bailee Lobb and Jacqueline Mills. Festival, 6th October. Exhibition, 6-20th October. AIRspace Projects, Marrickville, NSW.


Live Performance

Thresholds. Solo Exhibition. 7 - 22 2018 December. AIRspace Projects, Marrickville, NSW.

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