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Show Us Your Teeth

Artist Collective

2014 - ongoing


Show Us Your Teeth is a performance and installation based artist collective founded by Amy Claire Mills, Bailee Lobb, and Kate Bobis in 2014.


The collective creates work around identity, masking, and performative femininity.  



In Construction, Show Us Your Teeth explore fluidity and incompleteness of personal identity, and the role disguise and camouflage play in the perception of who we are.


In Tableau, performers oscillate between exhibitionist and camouflaged displays of self-expression. The performers move freely between environments in the gallery marking the consciousness with which many people disguise their identities, camouflaging themselves in the encoded visual language of different communities to survive. Piece by Piece see’s the artists work to piece them(selves) together, attempting to complete a series of five 1000 piece self-portrait puzzles from memory.

Exhibition Information

Complete Exhibition

Constructions. 20 February - 10 March 2018. Kudos Gallery, Paddington, NSW, Australia. 

Selected Works

Tableu live performance. 22 March 2018. The Other Art Fair, Australian Technology Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

Garden of Eve


In Garden of Eve, Show Us Your Teeth explore performative femininity, and sexuality.


These images were later used to create the puzzles for Piece by Piece. 

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