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In Bathing, Bask

2019 - 2021

In Bathing, Bask considers how spaces can act as a supportive environment for stimming, sensory processing and soothing the nervous system.

Bailee Lobb - Thresholds - 2018.jpg



Thresholds is an immersive experimental performance space that explores the tension between the threshold and a series of colliding everyday moments. 

Bailee Lobb - Confined Strain 2018 - Video Still 01.jpg

Confined Strain


Confined Strain is a video exploration of the way I move my body when I am in pain. Contorting and pushing against the boundaries of my body to stretch out the aches. 


Show Us Your Teeth

2014 - ongoing

Show Us Your Teeth is an artist collective made up of Amy Claire Mills, Bailee Lobb, and Kate Bobis. 

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